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Lakeview doesn’t run on the talents of a few, but on the generosity of many. Each week at Lakeview Church people just like you give their most valuable resource to further the message of the Gospel, their time. Whether it’s helping kids learn about Jesus on their level at Lakeview Kids, welcoming first-time guests and attendees, volunteering at our Lake Lorraine Campus during the week, or serving in one of the areas of Worship or Production, every volunteer is making an impact in the name of Jesus.

If you are curious about your spiritual gifts and how they can inform the ministry you serve in, take the assessment linked here. If you are interested in where these spiritual gifts mean and where they come from in Scripture click here

Check out just a few of the Teams that make Lakeview Church happen week-in and week-out, and see where your gifts will fit in below!


Help everyone who arrives at Lakeview feel welcome! On the Welcome Team, you are often the first and last person people see when they come to Lakeview Church. Therefore, it’s up to the Welcome Team to greet and connect with all our guests in a way that gives them a glimpse of how much God loves them.



In Lakeview Kids, you will teach kids about Jesus in a safe, fun environment, and help make Sunday their favorite day of the week! No teaching experience is necessary - we’ll provide everything you need to have a great time and inspire the next generation of believers!



On the Production Team, you will work behind the scenes to make our services possible. The Production Team is essential in our mission to provide guests with a distraction-free environment to experience the life-changing worship, read lyrics, verses, and sermon notes, and, most importantly, to hear the Gospel message.



The Worship Team is made up of ordinary Christians with a passion for worship through music. On this team, you will continue developing your skills as a musician. You will also use these skills to glorify God and to serve the church by allowing people to connect to God through music on Sundays.



The Prayer Team is an irreplaceable ministry in our church. Just as God has called us to pray without ceasing, our prayer team is always there for those who need prayer and support. The Prayer Team hosts our church’s prayer services, prays for individuals before, during, and after service, and prays in support of our services, both attending and leading.



Our church is blessed to call our Lake Lorraine Campus home. It is both our privilege and duty to maintain the cleanliness, organization, and upkeep of our building. The Hospitality Team is monumental in providing the excellent, distraction-free environment we strive for to honor God every week!


Our BUILD Team is made up of faithful and dedicated volunteers that serve to build, enhance, reconstruct, and improve our building. A part of providing an excellent worship experience every Sunday relies on the integrity of our worship space and the BUILD Team is responsible for just that!


There are tons of ways to serve at Lakeview to help match your passion and gifting to the work God is doing in people’s lives! Here are some other ways you can use your gifts serve at Lakeview. If you’re interested, you can request more info today at our "Contact" page!

  • Administrative Help

  • Community Group Hosting

  • Community Outreach

Have you been to Next Steps?

Knowing what our church stands on is essential to getting the most out of serving on our Team. If you haven't checked it out yet, head over to our Next Steps page by clicking the button below!


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