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Whether you are new to faith, or a decades-long believer, we have filled this page with resources to enrich your life and support your faith journey wherever you are along the way! If you haven’t yet decided to follow Jesus and become a Christian, visit the “Good News” page first!


Journaling Method: SOAP

God gave us the Word so that we could build our relationship with Him. So, journaling through the Bible is one of the most important ways we can build in our intimacy with God and apply His Truth in our lives. Check out the pdf link above for more information on Bible journaling best practices. Also, check out the “Want to Go Deeper” page for links to some recommended journaling materials.



Extended Scripture Memorization

Beyond regularly journaling through the Bible, memorizing the Word is one of the greatest ways to hear God speaking outside of your morning alone time with Him. In moments of fear, worry, and uncertainty, what is better to hold onto and have hidden in your heart than the promises of God? This resource by Dr. Andrew Davis will help you learn how to memorize portions of scripture and not forget it!

Scripture Meditation

In the Bible, meditation is not clearing your mind as referenced typically in culture. Rather, biblical meditation involves a focus and reflection on specific promises, commands, or characteristics of God. Try spending time reflecting Scripture on your morning commute, during lunch, or any other free time you may have!


Look at the Book with John Piper

In these video labs posted by, Pastor John Piper teaches line by line through passages of the Bible. You can find videos based on specific books of the Bible or on general topics.


The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a non-profit that creates free, animated videos of different books, topics, and themes of the Bible. These videos will take you through chapters of the Bible, while pointing out important overarching themes and cultural context.




Dave Ramsey Tools and Resources

Check out Dave Ramsey’s website linked here for some free resources for budgeting. Take an account of your expenses as compared to your income will allow you to see where your money is going and where you can cut costs. The goal is not to spend as little as possible, but to be good stewards of the gifts God has given.


App: Mint Budget & Spending Tracker (also available on desktop at

Podcast: The Dave Ramsey Show Podcast

Video Series: If Money Talked by Andy Stanley

Budget Worksheets:

    -Make a Budget (Interactive PDF)

    -Monthly Budget (Interactive PDF)

    -Year-at-a-Glance Budget (Google Doc)

    -Monthly Transaction Budget (Google Doc)

    -Simple Budget (Excel)

    -Daily Budget (Excel)

Online Resources:

    -7 Baby Steps by Dave Ramsey

    -Debt Repayment Planner

    -Suze Orman Blog

These are some of our favorite tools to help with fiscal responsibility, stewardship, and budgeting!



Get the assessment and more information here!

At Lakeview Church, we are passionate about helping people know Jesus and mature their faith in Him. This Spiritual Assessment and Growth Plan is a tool we developed to help people take tangible next steps in their walk with Christ. 



Overcoming Temptation

Temptation is something we will all face in this life. How we handle it, affects everything: our relationship with God, our relationships with others, our day-to-day choices, and the greater impact we have on this world. Check out these tips for overcoming temptation with God.

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