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Maybe you’ve heard about the “Gospel” before, but no one has ever taken the time to explain it to you. Simply, yet not insignificantly, the word Gospel means “good news.”

This page is dedicated not just to any good news, but to the best news of all time - the news that a real person, Jesus, loves you so much that He died so that you could live in relationship with God. With this relationship comes forgiveness for your mistakes, the power to change today, and an eternity secured with God forever.

Maybe this is your first time hearing the news. Or maybe you’ve heard it for years and you still aren’t sure how you feel about it or how it applies to your life. Maybe you just don’t believe it.

No matter where you are on your journey, this page, and this church, is designed for you and you are welcome - regardless of your past, your questions, or your doubts.


If the news that you are loved beyond measure, and that you have an opportunity for forgiveness and a right relationship with God amazes you, we want you to know that you are not alone! If you aren't yet convinced of that truth, we want you to know that you also are not alone! Regardless of where you stand, whether you are sure of your faith in Jesus or skeptical of the whole story, you have a place at Lakeview Church. We welcome skepticism and critical thinking about our God because we too are after the Truth. We encourage everyone that is curious to come visit our Sunday services at 10:00 am and to visit our "Tools for Growth" page for more resources about critical thinking about the Christian faith.

Did you decide to put your faith in Jesus today? Please let us know via our "Contact" page!

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