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Lakeview KIDS is here to lead the next generation in God’s love.

Lakeview Kids is directly across the hall from the sanctuary in the living room. There we have two sections for your children, one for your toddlers and another for up to 5th grade. For children 0-Confident Walker, we have a separate nursery for mothers to enjoy the service in a comfortable, safe environment with their babies.

Learn more about Lakeview Kids below!

Lakeview KIDS Programs

Each week children are welcomed by our Kids’ ministry volunteers. All Lakeview Kids Leaders are background checked, reference checked, and approved by Lakeview Kids leadership before serving.

Children will always be in the presence of two adults. We have a safe, clean, and enclosed area for children to play and explore, filled with biblical teaching and toys to enrich their experience.

In our up to 5th grade area, passionate volunteers carefully select a variety of activities and play equipment that help children learn about Jesus and His mission at their level of understanding. We know that children learn a lot through play, and that they are curious, social, and energetic. For these reasons each week children experience Bible lessons, games, music, and investigative play opportunities. 


If you’re not sure which zone is best for your child, have a chat with one of our Kids volunteers. 


Please let an adult know during Check-in if your child has any allergies, or if there are any other accommodations that would best serve your child’s experience. 

Kids Classroom
Toddler area
Toddler area
No Greater Joy
Toddler Reading Corner
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